Material Development Guides

These handy guides were developed as quick reference tools to help you in your development process. Use them together for a step-by-step guide to creating material, or reference them individually for help with specific issues.

Testing Resources

Additional Resources

This poster presentation and handout provide easy to follow steps and tips for developing a brochure or other material.

  • CTCP Policies and Procedures

    CTCP Policy Manual: Chapter 300, #03 Educational and Media Materials, Incentive and Promotional Items

    Development Policies

    • Contact the TECC Resource Library Staff (1-800-258-9090 ext. 161) to search for existing material to ensure no duplication of effort.
    • Pre-test material with the intended audience prior to use.
    • Include the appropriate funding acknowledgment.
    • Ensure all subcontractors sign a CTCP copyright release form. This applies to designers, writers, photographers and other artists.

    Material Submission

    Submit materials to TEAM Lab, the new material review and technical assistance project funded by CTCP.

    • Two original hard copies of your tobacco education materials (TEAM Lab will send a copy to the TECC Resource Library so it can be made available on ROVER)
    • Electronic copy of your tobacco education materials. (Please send files in their original format: for example, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Publisher)
    • Printed copy of Online Tobacco Information System materials intake form from the Online Tobacco Information System (OTIS).
    • Signed CTCP Copyright Release for all subcontractors including writers, designers, photographers and artists
    • Signed Model Release for anyone who is recognizable in photos used
    • Copyright language pertaining to any purchased stock photography

    Mail Your Materials Review Packet to:

    Christine Ricohermoso:
    USC Institute for Prevention Research
    2001 N. Soto Street, 3rd Floor
    Los Angeles, CA 90033

    Phone: 323-442-8214
    Fax: 323-442-8201